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WEB SEEKERS offers Data Entry Services matching global standards in terms of efficiency and accuracy.

Our Data entry services benefit all businesses as it saves on time and money in the most effective way. Our state-of-the-art data entry services were developed with efficiency and accuracy in mind and it allows us to deliver results extremely quickly results in no time at all. We use proven, cost-effective methods and approaches that give consistent and accurate results.

We offer data entry services in 3 different ways…
1. from paper to web,
2. from image to web and
3. finally from web to web.

Our data entry services are offered to all major sectors like online shopping, medical, bank, healthcare, tax, legal, finance, etc. at a very low cost entry rate. The data input can come from paper documents, image files, old databases, etc. We understand that data is the lifeline of your company and its accurate and efficient submission is must for a successful running of the processes. Our Data entry services start as low as Rs 5 per listing. To know more, please feel free to Call us or drop us an Email.