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Your website shouldn’t come second for your Business or Profession. It needs the utmost attention in this Speedily moving Online Environment. Website maintenance has become a must these days. We offer you the most cost-effective website maintenance where we cover the following things into consideration.
– Regular updates and expansions.
– Constant checking of Forms, Contact Pages, Internal Pages.
– Making website free of Malware and Hackers. *
– Updating the Content Management Systems with the latest updates.
– Updating banners, designs, promotions, etc. as per the requirement.

Fresh websites get more traffic, as they don’t look old as they help you communicate better with your clients & potential clients.

Web Seekers Website Maintenance Services comes up with the Web Maintenance Policy.
» Updates are usually done within 4 to 24 hours (except holidays and weekends).
» It is the client’s responsibility to review updates and notify us of any necessary changes that need to be made. We do not charge for changes that are our fault. However, if a change or an addition needs to be made, the regular hourly/daily update fees will be charged.
» Website Maintenance does not include a possible redesign or revamp of the current website.
» Updates should be provided electronically (by email) always so that both the parties have a copy of the same.

And if you need a modification to your website, then simply drop us an email or call our office.

* WordPress being an open source CMS is prone to Malware attacks. And we at WEB SEEKERS, clean up your website and free it up from all possible Malware and Spam attacks.